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For Learners and Institutions

Proctors are trained in both proctoring processes.

This technical support ensures the learner receives all of the help they need from the proctor rather than moving from various support areas to resolve any identified issues before initiating the online proctoring session. This one point of contact permits for technical issues to be resolved immediately enabling them to remain focused on their exam.

Everything you need to be an online teacher

Whether you're a high school teacher, homeschool teacher, college professor, or a private tutor, we can help meet your goals.

Online education platform with all the tools you need, including a live Virtual Classroom, online assessment tools, and content sharing features.

Easy-to-use software that simplifies the process of online course creation and delivery.

24/7 live technical support, with all the tools you need, including a live Virtual Classroom, online assessment tools, and content sharing features.

A free account to get you started with creating courses, delivering live classes, and exploring our many versatile features.

Deliver live virtual classes

Test Caliber Virtual Classroom software brings the collaborative engagement of the traditional classroom to online classes by enabling face-to-face, real-time interaction.

We have features like: whiteboards, video and text chatting, video streaming, real-time VOIP communication, multi-way audiovisual communication, screen sharing, breakout rooms and discussion forums.

Offer supplementary online classes to students

Test Caliber online education platform lets you provide additional learning to students outside the classroom.

Use numerous teaching tools to provide personalized tutoring and online homework help to students.

Write and solve problems in real time on the interactive whiteboard, a perfect tool for helping students prepare for competitive exams .

Explore different teaching and learning styles

Online teaching offers several pedagogical options. You could conduct your entire course online or offer blended classes that combine classroom and online teaching. Like many Test Caliber educators, you might also try the "flipped classroom" approach, having students read course content on their own before class so that you can preserve class time for active discussion and learning exercises.

Provide professional development programs

Continuing education courses allow professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to get ahead and achieve greater success. With our effective e-teaching software, teachers can deliver personalized, interactive professional development courses on a global scale.

Teach summer classes online

Teachers can use our online education tools to help students around the world earn extra credits or acquire new skills during summer vacation.

  • Share course content in a variety of file types and media formats.
  • Engage face-to-face with students in our Virtual Classroom.
  • Use Test Caliber mobile apps to teach from wherever you like.

Hold real-time office hours

Paper, projects, research, and other assignments require additional availability from the teacher. Our live audio-video and text chat features are ideal tools to help you hold face-to-face, real-time office hours. During your online office hours, you can also use the interactive whiteboard and other platform functions to assist students in need of further guidance.

Create an online classroom for homeschooling

Our user-friendly Virtual Classroom lets you create an interactive, online educational environment for students who are home-schooled. Conduct activities, give quizzes and tests, share files, and more, easily, with our engaging and effective virtual learning platform.

Host online webinars and MOOCs

Test Caliber is the ideal platform for teachers or trainers who want to share knowledge with people across the globe through a MOOC or webinar. Touch the minds of unlimited numbers of people and employ a wide variety of materials to support your message and increase learning; we have all the features and tools you need.

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Test calibre is a product of Decode Technologies. Test calibre provides innovative examination process and assessment solutions for Educational Institutions, Government/ PSU sectors and leading corporate entities.

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